Did you know that iLifeSOMM, the sensation in the Spa, dissolves blockages and regenerates and renews body’s energy?

You can discover that iLifeSOMM provides a physical and mental relaxation, muscle relaxation, stress reduction, and wellbeing and serenity in just 12 minutes.

The SOMM abbreviation in iLifeSOMM system stands for Sensory Oscillating Multi-Modulation. In Professional circles, it is known as the SOMM method or SOMM therapy and is considered one of the most promising innovations in the health sector of the 3rd millennium.

There are seven recognized forms of relaxation therapy with vibrations; Music, Sound and Voice therapy, electromagnetic therapies such as resonance frequency and magnetic resonance to vibration therapy and micro-massage in a single iLifeSOMM system. They are coordinated with one another to maximize the potential application.


Every person is built the same way, yet they are so different than each other. Although the base effect of iLifeSOMM is the same, it has different affects on each person.

For adults and elderly

• To loosen up tensions and blockages in body in a very short time

• To relax the spine, muscles and joints

• To improve circulation

• To increase cell metabolism

For Kids

• To promote concentration and creativity

• To help learning difficulties and examination anxieties

• To discover inner peace with hyperactivity

For Athletes

• To ensure faster recovery and performance enhancement

• To reduce susceptibility to injury

• To promote relaxation and concentration

For mind and soul

• Soothing and active deep relaxation

• To reduce stress and feel good

• To compensate for environmental overstimulation

The application areas for iLifeSOMM are almost unlimited; from back pain to depressive moods, burn out, to preparation for top athletes to competitions…

iLifeSOMM’s methods generating from scientific findings in vibrations, music, sounds and pulsating magnetic fields improve cell metabolism, expand capillaries, loosen lumps (also called Rouleaux phenomenon) and thus allow the blood cells to absorb and transport more oxygen.

Result: Whole body is supplied with better quality blood, oxygen and nutrients and waste products are removed.


We are inviting you to try iLifeSOMM couch for 8 days. Of course, it is free and does not have any obligations. You will get the couch from us ready with explanations.

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